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Liberty Tax - Lincoln Park
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Liberty Tax - Lincoln Park


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Liberty's income tax preparation services give you tax advice the way it's meant to be: friendly, accurate and with a money back guarantee. When you come to us with your tax return, relax and let a Liberty Tax preparer take care of finding your biggest refund. Every tax preparer in our stores has undergone thorough training in both state and federal tax structures. We know the tax code, and we know how it applies to you. Now let us use that knowledge to get you the big refund you deserve, or possibly save you money by finding tax breaks.

No matter how complex your tax situation, our professional tax service team is ready to help you. We can assist with your standard income tax return, but we're also well versed in the complexities of self-employment, home based businesses, and more. We're available for you throughout the year when you need to file estimated taxes or when you have tax questions. Friendly, knowledgeable tax filing experts and results you can trust: that's the Liberty Tax guarantee.

In addition to our in-person tax preparation services, Liberty Tax offers easy e-file and do-it-yourself preparation. You can complete your tax forms from the comfort of your own home, letting our state of the art eSmart Tax filing program guide you through the process. At the end you'll get the refund you deserve, all without leaving your house. Better yet, eSmart Tax is available anytime so you can start it, work on it, and finish it whenever you have time.

We make customers our priority so when you're looking for a tax service firm, Liberty is the best choice. Liberty Tax provides computerized income tax preparation services, electronic filing, audit assistance and free review of income tax returns. Call 866-871-1040 to be directly connected to the closest office.


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Wendy Terwilliger says:
I've been going to Liberty Tax and after 3 years and I bring a lot of customers in this year as they did me wrong it was supposed to give me the $50 and gave me the run around maybe come back in today I had 2 more customers with me and they didn't want to get their taxes done there cuz the way they were treated they said they're going to send me a check the lady told me to come pick up my money today now they're giving me a run around this is never happen I take a lot of customers there I need this to be taken care ofI was told I could pick up my hundred dollars today I bring 2 people with me and I had two more people with me today that didn't want their taxes done because they we're upset by the way they were treated I've been bringing customers there for the last 3 years and I never had a problem like this I had that my friends taxes done yesterday and they were supposed to give me the $100 today and they gave me the run-around I just don't understand it I never had this problem before with Liberty so this needs to be taken care ofwas not very good business today my two customers are wrong and left they were very upset